Why Design a T-Shirt Instead of Buying One? 

A custom t shirt is a garment designed by an individual instead of a fashion designer or manufacturer. Depending on the individual or purpose, the t-shirt may feature a logo, design, picture or words. The t-shirt is made by a third party. Designing a t-shirt has its advantages rather than buying a t-shirt off the rack.

Design a T-Shirt to Show Off Personality

One advantage of designing a t-shirt over buying one is to show off an individual’s personality. The individual can add their own picture, a personal design or special saying. The point of making a custom garment is to show their personal style. A store-bought t-shirt cannot accomplish that goal because they make more than one t-shirt.

Custom Make a T-Shirt for a Special Event

Many people choose to make a custom shirt to remember or celebrate a special event. For example, many families place a picture of a loved one on a custom shirt to celebrate their lives. Many pet owners customize their shirts to remember or show off their pet. Another reason for making a custom shirt is a family reunion. Many people hand out t-shirts displaying their family lineage or the date of their family reunion. Other special events include a festival, school union, birthday celebration or party.

Custom Made T-shirt is Idea for a Special Gift

A one-of-a-kind t-shirt is the perfect option for anyone wanting to give a personalized gift. The shirt may feature their picture, a favorite saying or a graphic they love. Personalized t-shirts may also feature the person’s birthday or age. Some birthday gifts are joke gifts, but they are always special and one-of-a-kind.

Logo T-Shirts are Perfect for a Small Business
Many small businesses need to look professional. One way to achieve that goal is by designing a t-shirt with their business logo. When meeting other professionals or future employees it may help to give a t-shirt and promote their business.

Friends Who Want to Show They are True Friends

Many people such as friends or spouses like to have special custom shirts that no one else has. Designing a t-shirt is the best way to do that. The design may feature something funny or serious, but it is one-of-a-kind to those individuals.

Use a Customized Shirt to Start a Conversation

Many people love to customize their t-shirts to start a conversation or spark a debate. The t-shirt may have a political saying or cultural question. Grabbing people’s attention is easier to do with a t-shirt that is custom designed than one off the rack.
Be Careful about Picking a Graphic to Feature on a T-shirt
When designing a t-shirt, it is vital that a person be selective about what they place on the garment. Certain logos, pictures and sayings are copywritten. This means that the company or individual that owns it can sue the t-shirt designer or have them stop wearing it. Do not place something offensive on the t-shirt. This can cause a person to be …

Best Tips for Finding the Right Workout Clothes

Best Tips for Finding the Right Workout Clothes

As exercise is becoming more of a daily routine for many, finding the right clothes to workout is a must. Unfortunately, wearing the wrong clothes can distract you from your time at the gym and keep you from feeling good. Having the right fitting exercise clothes is a must in order to get the most out of your gym experience and to feel confident in your own skin.

The first tip we have for you is to opt for fabrics which are breathable. The traditional cotton shirt and shorts are not your best option for comfort. Synthetic materials are both breathable and allow for wicking away of your sweat. This keeps the moisture off of your skin. This will keep you feeling comfortable during your workout and prevent skin irritation, such as acne outbreaks. It should go without saying, but never wear rubber or plastic-based materials to the gym unless you want to be in the hospital for heat exhaustion.

The next thing you want to consider is where you’ll be working out. If you regularly workout in a gym, then a pair of shorts may be your most optimal. If you workout outside, you’re likely going to need to purchase both shorts and pants so that you have the right clothing for the type of weather which is present each day. You can utilize online promotions, like https://www.groupon.com/coupons/stores/store.puma.com, in order to help keep your workout clothes cost within your budget. If you workout outside, you’re also going to need to plan for the elements. Having clothes that are protective against rain or snow is a must. You don’t want to spend your workout getting soaked and then catching a cold.

When shopping for workout tops, you should be taking into consideration what your workout entails. Different movements will require different types of fits. For example, if you spend a great deal of time doing leg raises and other similar movements, you’ll want a somewhat tighter shirt that won’t fall down in the back. If you bend over regularly, you may want a shirt that is a tad longer than your usual length to protect against showing off your unwanted skin. A quick tip to utilize is to buy a size bigger when it comes to a workout shirt. This will ensure you get adequate movement while still concealing your behind.

The last tip we have for you when it comes to picking out the right workout clothes is to always layer. There’s no reason you should opt for just a single layer of clothing in the gym. Layering can do a lot for you, including concealing areas of your skin during intense movements and keeping you warm throughout your workout. It’s obvious to realize that the longer you work out, the hotter your body temperature is going to get. This makes layering ideal as you can start out your workout with a long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt and take …

SS18 Trend Report: What’s going to make you look top notch this year?

Let’s get you right at the door of this years trend train – we’re ready to give you our ultimate guide to the SS18 trend.

Fashion Month is over and we have our cases emptied. We have completed our SS18 fashion research and we think it’s high time we got you wardrobe plotting for next season’s style. Come on, it can definitely never be too early to get cracking with your wish-list – that is if you really do want to stand a chance of getting that Gucci couture hat. So here goes – our taking on a whirlwind adventure at the London/Milan/NY/Paris Fashion Week.

Think Pastels

We know you may associate pastel colours with Hyacinth Bucket but trust us, these delicate sugared almond shades are about to make a real fashion statement. The standout show by Preen, which took inspiration from saris and women’s rights movements, showcased how to look pretty and powerful at the same time – we saw draped shades and one-shouldered dresses in truly lovely shades of pink and green. The massive news: Lilac is not just for the Queen mother – it is ready for making its way back to fashion. Grab yourself a pretty bad in a lilac shade, or just enjoy a lovely dollop of Neapolitan.

Choose Check Print

Checks are no longer for winter-only, they are now giving a convincing performance for our spring wardrobe. We saw folksy ginghams at Loewe, as well as adorable red and blue plaids at Alexander McQueen, and Fendi provided us with a whole show, even showcasing checked tights.

Think Fringing

Major statement fringing was another fashion trend we loved – think swishing hemlines and necklines as well as bags – plus much more. There weren’t any wishy-washy boho trims in sight. Instead, it was more the look of being dragged through a shredder. That means all you need to wear is your Erdem or Calvin Klein dress and you can give the car a great polishing.

Couture Hats

Really pull out all the stops with a couture hat or a chic accessory, as Rebecca Couture Millinery so beautifully showcases.

Beach Clothes

We adored the way Marc Jacobs showcased his look with swirly prints, turbans and rainbow colours. Picture Lilly Pulitzer in that sun-drenched Palm Beach look of the 1960s, take it up a good few notches – you’ve got it. Take the two-piece Hawaiian-tropic from Gucci, paired with glittery gloves and lots of necklaces.

Suit Shorts

Those basic, boring shorts. The ones that are right at the back of your wardrobe and only come out when you have nothing else to put on. A least that is what we thought up until now, 2018 will see a rise in Statement Shorts. We saw silky boxer styles from Louis Vuitton and high-waisted leathers from Saint Laurent, as well as plenty of Shorts Suits. That’s right, the fashion tailoring of the summer is going to stop at the knee.

Transparent Rain Macs

We saw Karl Lagerfeld give …

Step by Step Guide to Waxing

Deciding on the best hair removal method to use can be a rather daunting task for many. The main challenge comes with you have to narrow down the list to the best and preferred method based on your skin type, experience, and how long it lasts.

Many people often opt for waxing for it not only provides a longer lasting solution but also not as painful or intense as laser hair removal. If you, however, are yet to decide whether waxing is the right solution, then this article should help you learn the ins and outs of waxing.

How Waxing Works

Waxing is a semi-permanent hair removal methods that work by uprooting individual hairs. This leaves your skin feeling smooth for a couple of weeks before new hairs can start showing up. Waxing can be done on almost any part of the body, though different techniques have to be employed for each. Special types of wax may also need to be used, and especially in highly sensitive areas including the abdomen, bikini area, back, eyebrows, chin, upper lip, chest, legs, feet, and the arms. Although most men are yet to embrace waxing as a viable hair removal technique, many women prefer waxing to all other hair removal methods. “Some men feel too embarrassed to make an appointment at waxing salons, but instead, have their girlfriends and wives do it for them,” explains an esthetician at Jacqueline Steele Beauty Studios.

Types of Waxing Methods Used

There are ideally two ways to wax, strip waxing and hard wax. In strip waxing, a thin layer of wax is applied to the specific area to be waxed using a little stick. A small piece of cloth/special paper is then pressed firmly on the wax. The special paper/cloth is then ripped off swiftly in the opposite direction (of hair growth) thus removing both the hair and wax.

In hard waxing, a thick layer of warm wax is applied over the skin. The special paper or cloth strip aren’t needed here. The warm wax is allowed time to cool off as it hardens. The esthetician then rips it straight off the skin. Although this may sound nasty or painful to many, hard waxing is actually recommended for those with sensitive skin, or in sensitive areas.

Health and Hygiene Concerns About Waxing

Most waxing salons will require you to fill out a questionnaire before they can do any waxing on your body. The questionnaire primarily helps identify health conditions, medications, or allergies one may have to determine if he/she qualifies for waxing. This is entirely normal and only meant to keep you safe.

At the waxing salon, the esthetician should use clean and new sheets or paper per client. It’s imperative that he/she puts on some gloves while waxing. The skin can be very sensitive right after waxing, which is why the gloves are essential to protect you from any infection. Double-dipping is however not recommended during waxing. Only one stick should be used per …