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Fraudsters Using Bots on Massive Scale

Fraudsters are more and more often using bot attacks to test stolen identities and payment cards. Are you a merchant interested in how you can best protect your business? Where can you get the lowest-cost merchant account UK so to grow your business? Just read this article and you’ll get to know.

Fraudsters Using Bots

According to ThreatMetrix, a security technology company headquartered in California, cybercriminals are using bots on a grand scale to test and spoof identity credentials. This is often being done in terms of global, cross-border attack.

Cybercriminal attacks through bots are becoming more advanced, by evolving from their basic velocity-based functions to complex bots. The latest ones can be used in more advanced ways to spoof IP addresses, emulate browsers or spoof apps. There’re so-called “masquerading bots” that’re developed to mask their true context and pretend to be legitimate user traffic.

Unlike it was in the past, when bot spikes used to be short and sharp bursts of activity lasting a day or two, today, they’ve become more frequent.

With all this in mind, it’s critical for merchants to work only with a reputable payment processor that offers the highest level of payment processing protection to its users. Turning to a payments expert in the UK, you can find the most secure merchant services provider that will also offer the cheapest merchant account uk.

Look for a payments specialist, with which, you can enjoy free consultations, the best rates, fees, as well as the most honest snapshot of the company at the time of writing.

What to Expect From Fraudsters

2017 can be called “the year of the scam.” This year, fraudulent scams are expected to rocket.  In 2017, almost 2 million online fraud incidents were reported. The data is provided the Public Accounts Committee. Only 20% of crimes were actually reported.

In 2017, Action Fraud, the national fraud and cybercrime reporting centre, warned about cold calls from fake bailiffs, timeshare fraud, and even scams by post.

According to some viewpoints, the world is going to witness more phishing attacks that rely on AI over the next 12 months.

As Dave Palmer, director of technology at Darktrace, notes, this year, the world is going to see the emergence of threat-actors harnessing AI technology to launch sophisticated, automated campaigns.

Moreover, in 2018, ransomware attacks are also expected to increase. This is when victims’ data is locked away forever or published unless they pay a fee to the criminal. In addition, fraudsters are expected to use news and fake news to get people’s attention.

Author Bio: Electronic payments expert Taylor Cole is a passionate entrepreneur who also enjoys writing, playing guitar, and camping. BestPaymenProviders is UK’s cheapest merchant account uk company, serving both traditional and high-risk merchants.

A Curvy Girl’s Guide to Style

Years ago, a visit to the plus-sized department at a typical clothing store was dispiriting, to say the least. Instead of cute, stylish clothing, most pieces were bland, shapeless, and boring.

Today, however, the retail environment is far different. Curvy girls have started taking the world of fashion by storm. In response, today’s retailers have stepped up their game, carrying a wide range of cute, stylish clothing for women with curves. If you are ready to jump in on the latest trends, here are some tips to get you started:

1. Start with a good foundation.

You wouldn’t build a house on a flimsy foundation. In the world of style, the same holds true for your undergarments and foundational pieces. Investing in high-quality bras and panties from an online retailer such as Elle Courbee that fit correctly can help ensure that your clothing looks great on your body.

2. Build up your basics.

Most outfits start with a few basic pieces. Stock your closets with high-quality basics like camisoles, t-shirts, leggings, and jeans. These items can be paired with a variety of different accessories to create unique looks.

3. Spend plenty of time in the dressing room.

Don’t get too hung up on size when you are shopping. Instead, grab several sizes of the same item and try them all on. That way, you can ensure that you are getting the best fit.

4. Experiment with knee-high or thigh-high socks or stockings.

If you are feeling a little bit adventurous, you can experiment with wearing knee-high or thigh-high stockings. Not only can these stockings add style to your look but they can also help visually lengthen your legs. If you aren’t comfortable showing off your upper legs, you can always wear a pair of mesh tights underneath.

5. Embrace your body.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to hide under bulky clothing. When clothing doesn’t fit right, it can make you look larger. Instead, choose figure-hugging clothing that accentuates your curves.

6. Have your clothing professionally tailored.

Investing a small amount of money in tailoring can go a long way toward helping your clothing look its best. Wearing clothing that fits your body perfectly will not only boost your confidence but will also help you look amazing.

7. Use accessories wisely.

Accessories should enhance your outfit – not distract from it. If you are wearing a bold print, keep your accessories to a minimum. More basic outfits, on the other hand, can be enhanced with fun accessories like hats, scarves, or jewellery.

8. Show off your waist with a belt.

Putting a wide belt on over a loose, flowing garment can help give it shape and structure, defining your curves and making you look slimmer. You can get the same effect by putting on a fitted blazer over the top of a billowy shirt.

9. Choose high-quality fabrics.

The fabric that clothing is made from can dramatically affect how it looks when it is on your body. Opt for …

Dave Macleod’s Guide to Winter Gloves

Selecting the proper gloves for the environment and activity is a personal decision. Dexterity or warmth are typically the only options. Waterproof or fast drying is often the second decision that must be made when selecting gloves.

Obviously, there are many factors that must be determined when choosing the right pair of gloves for your specific activity. Keeping this in mind, you’ll want to read more. We’ve called on Dave MacLeod, Dave is a Pro-Team athlete and he has some words of wisdom to help us in selecting the best winter gloves. Climbers will want to make the best possible decision when they’re choosing their gloves.

Thick Vs. Thin

On an interesting note, it can take far more energy to hang on to something, including your ice tools, with thicker gloves than with thin gloves. Tightly closed hands clenching tools causes more friction and there is less muscle control over the course of time. There is a lot of challenge to effectively hang on to gear when wearing thick gloves. For this reason, it’s vital to understand that the harder routes will cause more grueling pain and muscle aches than other routes. Compound this with the fact that there is less friction when you’re using thin gloves.

Hand Structure

With a background in physiology, I know that the hand is designed to insulate on the palm side. Thus, lean rock climbers, when I recently had my DEXA scan, the fat stores on my body were found in the fat pads of my heels and of my fingers. Hands also have thick ligaments that run across the palm of the hand. These help to insulate hands when touching cold surfaces with the palm.

By contrast, the backs of the hand are thinner and don’t have the same connectivity and fat tissues padding them. The blood vessels are required to help keep you warm. Thus, the palm side of the hand offers up more resistance to the temperature extremes while the back is far more sensitive.

Thus, the more insulation on the glove back ensures that the thickness won’t affect the dexterity. However, dexterity will be affected if the wrong gloves are selected. Thinner gloves will help to improve the dexterity and they will protect the hands using the body’s own insulation.

Fit Matters

As stated above, the insulation of the gloves is the most important concern when selecting gloves that will be for specific activities. Using a specialist glove maker such as Chester Jefferies will ensure you get that perfect fit that you are looking for.   Functionally speaking, the fit of the glove chosen is vital. Thicker gloves offer a pre-curve and are designed carefully so that the fingers can be articulated. The friction on the pams is vital to the grip and the less muscular efforts. It’s also vital to choose the correct size of gloves.

Personally, I prefer smaller sizes so that I can avoid excess glove beyond the ends of my fingertips. This would interfere with my …

How to wear joggers to improve your style statement

Unless you have lived in a secluded island for the last few years, you must have noticed the fundamental change that has taken place in men’s fashion. The strict codes have disappeared, rules have been altered, and most importantly, it has become way more laid back and flexible in its style.

As a part of this whole crusade against stereotyping fashion, conscious dressers across the world have taken to a sportier look than ever before. Joggers are among the flag bearers of this change. They are now made in slim and tapered fits instead of the baggy ones, keeping in mind that they are not just gym wear anymore; they are worn by fashionable men as casual outdoor wear as well. If you are looking to stock up your wardrobe and buy joggers, here are some of the cool ways you can do it.   

  1. Pair it up with jazzy trainers

If you keep the joggers slim fit and tapering towards the ankle, that gives you the rare opportunity of flaunting your sneakers and trainers which other trousers or denim do not. A good pair of trainers, preferably with some colourful neon streaks across it, is the perfect mix and match for a pair of black or grey joggers.

  1. Monochrome magic

Most fashion magazines will tell you to wear your tops and bottoms in contrast, especially if it is a look as risky as pulling off a pair of joggers. But monochrome works wonders in some cases, and this one might just be it. You can play around with the shade though, keeping the joggers dark and the t-shirt a lighter shade of the same. Crew neck t-shirts work the best with joggers.

  1. Good old hoodies

If there’s one piece of clothing that goes by default with joggers is a sweatshirt, quite obviously. But if you are wearing the joggers for an outing, keep the sweatshirt interesting. Choose from colourful hoodies – the all-time favourite top wear irrespective of gender. A bit of slogan or catchy quote across the chest or back is more than welcome.

  1. Edge around the boundary of formal wear

We know button up shirts as formal workplace wear – be it solid coloured or be it printed; they are the last piece of apparel one would associate with joggers. Yet it has become quite a fashion statement for men to wear shirts with joggers; though casual plaid or Oxford is always a better option than wide-spread collars. Tuck them in and roll up the sleeves in a quarter, and you are good to go.

  1. Accessorise wisely

No matter with what you pair up your joggers, always remember to put on a sporty watch to complete the look. The definition, as well as appearance of sports watches, has also changed – now they have everything starting from temperature to even Bluetooth, depending on the model. It is not just an accessory anymore, it is a style statement.

So are shades. The right one will bring out the …

Adapting to Changing Standards of Beauty

Nowhere can the changes in a culture be seen more evidently than the variations in clothing styles and preferences that prevail over generations.  Just in the past century one can see preferred physiques range from nearly pencil-thin to shapes that more natural reflect human contours.  shapes to the encouragement or promotion of the popular “vase” shape to shapes and physiques

Today’s society better appreciates the attractiveness that comes with the diversity of body types and shapes that are reflections of culture, environment and adaptation to the environment.  This doesn’t excuse people from careful maintenance of their physical well-being and health; it means that the traditional “standards” of beauty – which at one time tended to favor just one physique over the many others that comprise the human race – has been expanded to include the variances that exist as a natural result of environment and cultural circumstances.

Fortunately, those who design wardrobes for both sexes have also begun to recognize this natural diversity and have made efforts to accommodate the needs and demands of people of various physiques.  This custom has existed to accommodate men for many generations, particularly those of unusual height or body weight.  Now, the clothiers and designers are showing the same responsiveness to the needs of females who seek clothing and accessories that best adorns their natural figure and appearance.  While both males and females may work out daily and diet conscientiously to stay in the best possible physical shape and condition, they also can now find the perfect wardrobe that will enable them to make that physique they are maintaining look its best either in casual wear or in the most formal or business attire.  Relying upon a full beauty coupon to obtain the desired clothing is one way that people can find clothing that makes them look and feel their best.  And when they shop at Fullbeauty with a Groupon coupon they will look their best and feel great at how they’ve managed to upgrade their wardrobe at substantial savings.…

Payroll Services To Grow Your Small Business

Consider a payroll service to grow your small business and find good deals at Best of Orlando.

It’s time to hire a payroll service company to avoid paying penalties. Let them take care of all your payroll. Take that extra burden off your shoulders and only provide total hours paid to employees and they will do the rest. No need to calculate taxes or worry about payroll taxes your payroll service has you covered. All you have to do is decide the way you’ll pay your employees: check or direct deposit. Hired a new employee? No worries let your payroll service know and they will start a W-2 for them. The payroll service company you hire will also take care of your employee’s vacation.

When you hire a payroll service company you can count on error-free and accuracy. A payroll service company will file your business taxes to prevent penalties. It will also make sure your employees are paid on time and that the correct payroll taxes are accounted for.

Go for a full payroll service company to get more than payroll. Consider one that frees you of worker’s compensation matters and helps you stay on track with in accordance with the current labor laws. Before committing to a payroll service compare to find the best price.

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Enter the make believe world of Cirque du Soleil. Let your imagination wander as you take part of thrilling acts. Live it up and laugh it out in a circus spectacle and comedy filled performances. You’ll be treated from beginning to end and enjoy a mindblowing performance of daring acrobatics, impressive choreography and playful characters. Stay alert to enjoy great performances on stage and acrobatics on air. An unforgettable experience that will feel like a feast to your eyes. With many things happening in this thrilling spectacle, you’ll need to see it more than once. Save over 50%and book for the last show Cirque du Soleil at Best of Orlando.

Do something different. Go to Believe It or Not! Orlando. Before you get in your eyes won’t believe the oddities, first  the building appears to have been sunk in a sinkhole. That doesn’t stop there, you will see many surreal exhibits,  artwork and even shrunken heads from around the world that will  leave you in awe. Ripley’s Believe it or Not opens 365 days a year. There is so much to see, take your time on your self-tour to not miss anything. Walk into the tunnel exhibit, and as the tunnel spins you’ll feel like you’re falling off the platform. Go for an optical illusion in a red tag game or walk in the ceiling. Friendly staff will assist you and make your visit a pleasant one. A great place to visit with the family, be entertained and even get your hands waxed. This will be an educational experience to learn something  new to share with others. …

Stylish Men’s Neckties That Aren’t Boring

Not all men are aware of necktie trends and many are still not up to the idea of finding out what’s the latest. In recent years, there was clearly a decline of wearing neckties among men. Last year’s poll result showed only about 6% of men wear neckties with daily office clothing. So you can almost conclude then that most men rather not wear ties. But if if you’re a fashionable, you ought to be at least interested.

Wearing ties could be just as fascinating as wearing any other accessories, particularly if you know that ties don’t come in only one condition and design. There are many necktie styles you can choose from this fall.

If you’re not very confident yet with your sense of style, your best option would be standard thickness ties. Base on the form and design, standard width ties should suit almost any occasion. You can wear them with any ordinary office shirt or formal business dress. At times, picking out link is based also on lapel size and/or collar size as well, which makes standard custom neckties ideal because they fit most sizes. Standard ties are usually 3. 75 inches in width, but 3. 25 to 3. 5 inches range is now also acceptable. These ties are typical and they rarely go out of style. Most men’s clothing stores almost never run out of standard ties.

Conservative ties are much like standard width ties. Both look good with popular tie knots.

Alternatively, you probably have seen another type of tie – the so called skinny style. Under the designer label Band of Outsiders, the skinny link was popularized by Scott Sternberg back in 2005. Since then it made its way to the fashion scene and became a global hit. The thin tie was fondly called slim or narrow jewelry, with about 2. 2 inches only in thickness. The skinny style was most popular among young urban men – students and yuppies – who want to be fashionable yet different from the traditional style. There are of course, classic and also novelty designs. You can spot men wearing skinny connections in TV, ads, billboards, and fashion shows. Virtually all notable figure perhaps was Justin Timberlake.

Skinny ties can be worn with everyday and even semi-formal wear, like office clothing, as great alternative from the usual ties.

neckties also have a new look too. They’re no longer restricted to tuxedos anymore. Modern bowties will have trendy designs, with different colors and shapes too. Each goes well with informal attire too, like the knitted V-neck shirt perhaps.

And there are the clip-on connections if you like, nevertheless they don’t look just like neat and natural. It will be good then to invest some learn how to do bowties.

Generally in wearing any tie, you don’t need whatever fancy. You can simply tie them just as you would any ordinary tie up. Of course, some basic guidelines do apply in tying ties. Like, the tie’s tip should always meet …

11 Unique Wedding Dress Ideas

Do you want to show up at your wedding in style? Well, if you’re not one for the big white dress, there are many alternatives you can choose from. Many people are leaning towards the graphic lace, a trend that feels modern and fresh as well as feminine.

1. Subtle Ombre

Are you finding it tough to commit to one colour for your wedding dress? Well, you can always try out an ombre option, especially in a light hue. Try out some full skirt gowns with layers of billowing tulle or ruffled organza to soften the effect. If you’re looking for a bold effect, you should try out some bright shades or opt for fabrics with less texture.

2. Sheer Lattice

Are you looking for a timeless and an unexpected look? Well, you can always settle for a wedding dress with sheer panels with a basket-weave-style or a netting effect which are very popular amongst Israeli wedding dress designers. There are so many options to choose from such as ultra-modern convertibles, sheer skirts, illusion necklines, delicate sleeves, classic silhouettes and many more subtle features. If you’re looking for a unique touch in your wedding dress, then lattice is the way to go.

3. Futuristic Column

Do you need to make a dramatic statement with your wedding gown? Then a futuristic column is the way to do it. Most wedding dress designers have transformed the classic silhouette to make it bolder, highly structured and a neckline that’s both flattering as well as asymmetric. To tie it all together, you can add a sleek futuristic belt.

4. Interesting Embroidery

If you’re looking to give a new life into the traditional and feminine silhouettes, you should find a dress with intricate embroidery. Gold details and elaborate geometric patterns will reach far beyond the customary sequins and floral lace.

5. Fashionable Fringe

When fringe comes to your mind, the first thing your mind goes to probably involves motorcycle gangs and flappers. Well, that’s something you need to reconsider since fringe has become trendy. Actually, it has become quite famous on numerous bridal runways. To make the look appropriate, you should try out a classic silhouette with high-quality materials and expert draping. Try out silk fringe with delicate details such as pearls and crystals.

6. Bold Colour

Add a little blush to the traditional white dress. Today most gowns come in numerous shades to meet all your preferences, so you have a lot of colours to choose from.

7. Crop Tops

Crop tops are certainly making their way into bridal gowns. You can show off a little skin by giving people a cheeky peek of your midriff. You can try out a cropped bustier, a boxy top or a high-waist skirt for a very chic look.

8. Lacy Rompers

Never thought rompers are perfect for a wedding dress, but it’s something you should consider if you’re looking for a good and bold look.

9. Modern Ball Gown

Don’t think about the poufy princess …

A Definitive Guide to Selecting the Ideal Wedding Gift

We are all in anticipation when someone we know is tying the knot (any excuse to pop a few bottles of champagne open is great). Although, preparing for that day is not always simple. There are so many things that will need to be done, like booking travel and accommodation, choosing something to wear and buying a gift for the bride and groom.


Whether they will be happy enough seeing your face at the ceremony or they expect a present, most of us try really hard to find the perfect gift to show the happy couple we adore them. Even when charitable donations are requested, there is nothing like offering a physical gift such as silver wedding goblets or something else.

Things to Consider When Selecting a Gift

It can be pretty difficult trying to decide what kind of gift to buy. Traditionally, people used to buy items that would be fit for a new household. In recent years, more couple live together before the wedding, so that is already taken care of. This is why The Great Gift Company has created a guide that will help you pick the best thing.

Think About Their Circumstances

We do not live in an era where people get married young, move into a new home, have children and stay together for the rest of their lives.

There are all kinds of couples out there now, including those who have been married in the past and those who may be living in two different parts of the world.

This is why we feel that you should focus on a gift that fits the situation the couple is in. Don’t just grab a bread box or a set of knives because it is traditional.

Think About How Large the Gift Is

Many newlyweds already have a home filled with all of the things they need, so purchasing a large gift would be a huge mistake. Try buying something that is small in size but large in sentiment.

Do Not Offer Them Any Gift Cards

Take our word for it. This is a very mundane gift. It may seem perfect, but it is something that is seen as impersonal and of little importance. Buying the couple a unique item that reminds them of their love is better than giving them a piece of plastic they can spend at a random store in the neighbourhood.

A Gift Box or Hamper Is a Solid Choice

Gift hampers and boxes are nice since they give people a bit of variety. A variety of little, personal gifts would be a perfect way to celebrate the big day.

If you decide to buy a household item, choose something that fits the couple’s personal sense of style.

Think about their preferences, the colours that they like and all of the furniture and adornments that are currently in their home.

You do not want to give them items that can clash with what they already own, like a vintage waffle …

Corporate Diwali Gifts – The Simplest Way of Branding Your Business

An integral part of Diwali is sending out gifts especially within the corporate world. Not only do the employers bestow their employees with appropriate gifts to show much they are valued as well as their contributions are cherished by the organization, but the corporate gifting culture also extends beyond company employees. There are numerous occasions where corporate gifts are to be given to important clients to strengthen the company and client relationship. Here are few ways to select the perfect Diwali gifts for corporate.

Gifting Business Partners

Selecting corporate gifts can really be nerve racking and you may face the confusion of what to select and what not to. The wrong gift can make a bad impression of your company and the branding would go down. Remember to take into account the kind of rapport that you have with your business partner and client. Check out details like what message do you want to send across with your gift, is the gift will establish your company’s beliefs and motto before you select the best gift.

Gifting Employees

Gifting your employees makes them feel more integral to the company and strengthen your relationship with them. This idea helps you to retain your top performers. To make the best selection, you can take help of surveys to know what kind of gifts your employees would prefer. This will also take care of your business branding. Gifts such as wall clocks, coffee mugs, scented candles, watches, desktop accessories etc. serve as the perfect Diwali gifts for employees.

Accommodating the corporate gifts in your company budget

It is a good idea to set aside a certain amount annually and allocate it to purchasing corporate gifts for several occasions. This way you will never have to hurry in your gift selection and be well prepared when the occasion demands. Sometimes, it is a good idea to gift your employee or clients unexpectedly. This way if the client decides to put it on public display or adorns your gift, then you will actually end up benefiting from brand promotion of your company.

Taking the cultural differences into account

Many a times, your client may be based out of a different location or a different geographical region altogether. Be well aware of the gifting traditions of the country or location your client hails from, or you might end up actually offending them which is something you are not looking for. Go for known brands to save yourself from embarrassment.

Choose useful gifts

The best gift you can give someone is something which the recipient can use. Gifts such as coffee mugs, bags,office accessories, wall clocks or watches which are sure to re- establish your brand’s connection with the client. Make sure the gifts aren’t the usual ones else the client will not be interested in the gift.

Final Say

Keep all these tips in mind when you buy corporate gifts for your employees or clients as they will carry your business brand. Selecting the perfect gift …