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Why Pre-Sentence Consulting is Important

The way the court determines a federal prison sentence of a defendant is through a document, namely, the pre-sentence investigation report. This report also determines the federal prison designation, security level, custody level, work assignments, bunk assignments, furlough eligibility, restitution issues, community custody placement, inmate quality of life enhancements, ability to self-surrender, and admission into the 500 hour residential drug abuse program.

This pre-sentence investigation report is written by a government probation officer. This report is often slanted against the defendant and in favor of the government and the prosecution. The duty to correct any mistakes in this report is in the hands of the defendant and his attorney.

The defendant needs to submit all the corrections before the report is submitted to court and to the Bureau of Prisons. The problem is that most attorneys do not take the time to provide the scrutiny necessary to fully correct the defendant’s Pre-sentence investigative report. This can have undesirable effects on the defendant’s length of sentence, program eligibility, facility designation, security level, and so many other factors that an inmate faces every day in federal prison.
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The defendant then needs to hire someone who know much about how the federal prison works and has experienced life in it. He should hire someone who has actually gone through the whole process. That person should be familiar with the federal prison system. The defendant will do well to hire a competent, experienced, and knowledgeable federal prison consultant. it is to prepare the defendant for the important pre-sentencing investigation interview that a federal prison consultant works for in the absence of a lawyer. A defendant will do well to go to the interview accompanied by the federal prison consultant.
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The defendant must have knowledge, is honest, and have a complete control of the facts, and not leave out any required information. The things that will be asked of the defendant by the probation officer is personal information, professional association, and his current offense and everything in this interview will be verified as he is told. The probation officer also investigates his past criminal history and relationships with his family, which can be verified by them. The probation officer will also check on his relationship with associates and his current financial information, etc.

A good federal prison consultant knows the type and extent of information that the probation officer asks and requires in writing the pre-sentence report. Every interview regardless of federal district in which it is conduct follow a very similar pattern and direction. It is the duty of the federal prison consultant is to prepare the defendant for all these questions which he has prior knowledge of. The information given to the probate officer must all be complete and factual information.