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Foot is a major component of the body system. An ailing foot can inhibit movement. Ailments may strike our feet. These issues may result from poor air circulation to feet, poor fashioned shoes, and ill-fitting shoes or perhaps due to toenails that are poorly trimmed or those that are long enough. It is thus a primary necessity to implement measures that purpose to prevent foot troubles. Good feet hygiene should be exercised, in fact it is the most important. It is not strange for one to get infection without having knowledge of how it happens.

For proper caring of feet, one should make sure there is enough air circulation to the feet system. Proper air circulation is vital to human beings and so it is to feet. Locating one’s feet on water may lead to poor air circulation. The blood vessels are inhibited to facilitate the transfer of blood to feet region leading to rising of feet issues. Constant practice can promote proper air circulation to the body system. Inactivity not only lead to boredom but also reduce air circulation to one’s body. Wearing of comfortable shoes that fit an individual can be of aid in preventing foot ailments. Swelling of feet is possible when is on shoes that are ill-fitting
Some of the common foot related ailments are athlete’s foot, itching, bad smell, bunions and burning feet. Feet infection may be accelerated by presence of moisture on our feet thus it is safe to wipe our feet to dryness. Shoes that do not fit the feet should be avoided as they can result to bunion. They develop when the joint of the large toe become swollen and tender. The section of mother toe having weakness is pressed. Urgent care should be used to prevent the severity of the issue. Bunion guards can be of great help in such. These guards are like protective pads and aims at cushioning the region of the foot that is in pain.

Soft toe separators can be of great help in fight against feet ailment. The toe separators are inserted in regions between toes. They reduce friction between toes. Toe collectors gently stabilizes toes. Toe spacers design to cushion toes.
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Fasciitis socks have been introduced into the system to assist in fight against feet diseases. These socks have enormous benefit to people wishing to protect their feet. They promote flexibility of ligament. They are effective from the fact that they keep the foot stable. These socks are suitable and available in the market at a lower price. Fasciitis socks are comfortable due to their snug hold feature.
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To keep feet healthy, it is good to wear clean socks. Fresh socks reduce the bad smell that result from poor ventilation of the shoe. Doctors may be consulted in extreme cases. Feet care should be exercised to totality. Time used on high heels should be limited.