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Dressing for Men -How to Wear Socks Always dress the part if you need to be taken seriously. When dressing up, don’t just focus on the shoes and expensive suits, consider the details. The socks you choose are an important detail in your dressing. If you are wondering why you should wear a nice pair of socks, remember that your trousers won’t always go all the way down the ankles when you sit down. If it happens to be in front of a crowd, you will definitely be embarrassed. Poor socks are always a bad idea and will reduce your respectability hence avoid them as much as possible. Whenever you wear dress shoes, make sure to match them with dress shoes. Do not commit the sin of wearing sports socks with dress shoes. With sports socks being heavy and dress shoes sleek, expect the socks to bulge on the ankles making you look goofy. You shouldn’t also wear white socks with dress shoes. This mistake often leads to a striking color clash that everyone will notice. To retain your fashionable look, stick to pairing your dress shoes with dress socks. Your socks should match the color of your dress and not your shoes. This is a simple rule of dressing that most men find confusing. Poor pairing always ends up creating a stark contrast that should be avoided at all costs. The socks you wear should create a solid line of color from the trousers all the way to the shoes. With proper pairing, you will be more fashionable.
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The only place you can wear novelty socks is in your home if you would like people to take you seriously. Nobody will have respect for you when you are donning Spiderman socks to work. Don’t even try wearing them to a date or even to the shopping mall. In fact, they should be left to kids who feeling inspired wearing socks of the favorite superheroes.
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Don’t even think of wearing sandals with socks. You will end up looking goofy if you attempt to put on socks with a pair of sandals. Shocks with shorts is another no-no. Your legs will definitely look stumpy with this combination. If you really want to wear socks with your shorts, then wear ankle length socks that won’t be visible over your shoes. Whether you are going for a casual or professional look, take socks serious since they do have a massive impact over the way you will appear. This is the best way to avoid looking very weird when you are seated.