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Last year was a make or break for relationships during lockdown. Being stuck with one another 24/7 either made your relationship stronger or it tore it apart. If you were one of those relationships that became stronger then why not reward your relationship? Propose to your other half with some of these wonderful engagement ring trends in 2021. 

Rings With Personal Details 

What better way to propose to your significant other than with a personal touch to it. There are many ways you can go about this. It does not have to break the bank as well. Spending months on end with one another every minute of the day would have helped notice the smaller details of each other. 

Personal engagement rings seem to be a great touch. They can also be great tear-jerkers. There are a few ways that you can go about this. Vintage engagement rings are something that you should consider with engraving on it. The engraving could be anything personal to them. It could be their name, your name or it could be the date for when you propose. We recommend that you buy the ring first and get the date engraved on it afterwards in case your plans slightly change for the proposal date. 

Classic Style and Modern Twist

Shopping online for engagement rings are popular due to the digital age that we are living in. Shopping, in general, is usually online. That could either be your food shopping or shopping for clothes. It seems to be a popular trend to buy simple rings because it is less risky when shopping online.

Buying a simple and basic wedding band seems to be popular at the moment. If you know their favourite gemstone then you could also buy one with that. Art deco engagement rings could be something that you might want to explore and purchase. Art deco is a wonderful style to embrace. If your partner likes this style then they will say yes to the proposal. 

Petite Side Stones 

Three stone rings are a trend that is coming back into the world of jewellery. They also make an exceptional engagement ring as well. One of the best points to make about these jewellery pieces is that they are not too busy.

Some people prefer their jewellery to be subtle. This is why petite side stone engagement rings are some of the best on the market. Not to mention there are a variety of different stones that you can get with these as well. 


Getting prepared to propose can be nerve-racking. You are either going to plan it or it is just going to come out and be on the spot. The best thing to do is not overthink which is easier said than done. 

Buying the engagement ring can be a difficult task as well. Do a bit of research before purchasing the ring. Find all the information about what jewellery they like and if there are any particular styles that they prefer.