Are you tired of constantly wearing gray, dull outfits during the winter, that won’t let you express yourself and look elegant even when cold? If your answer is yes, then we’re happy to help you! Here are 5 things you should consider buying for this winter season that will make your looks more stylish and chic!

Oversized scarves 

Oversized scarves are not something new, but they definitely deserve your attention this season. Big, chunky, not only do they look cool and make your outfit pop, but they are also functional, very warm, and can protect you from the winds and snow. Oversized scarves, just like regular ones, come in many colors and patterns, so you can be warm this winter while staying loyal to your fashion tastes. They can also add a bit of color to your look, for example by wearing a monochrome or black and white outfit with a blue, pink, or green scarf that will be the focal point of your attire. You can find them in regular mass market stores, as well as in designer shops, if you’re looking for something more on the fancy side. 


Yes, you’ve read it right, this winter you should buy yourself some mittens and not the classic gloves that you surely already have in your closet. Mittens are, indeed, less comfortable and practical than gloves, but no other accessory can protect you from freezing your hands better than the good old mittens. They surely bring back some memories from your childhood, especially if you grew up in a cold state and your mom made you wear them. These days, they can be made of cotton, wool, synthetic fibers such as acrylic, and many other types of fabric. If you don’t know which to get, the basic black knitted ones are for sure the best bet. 

Rope knit sweaters 

In a perfect world, absolutely everyone should have a rope knit sweater in their closet. These days, they are also one of the biggest trends of the season, and you can be assured that this trend is not going away anytime soon, especially keeping in mind that this is a classic piece that has been around for many decades. Big, chunky, but still very comfortable and protecting, these jumpers are a delight to wear. You can find them in regular stores, or if you’re looking for something more authentic, with more tradition, you can go to online stores such as to find a wide range of Irish sweaters for women that are made of 100% Merino wool. 

Oversize coats 

If you live in an area where the winters are not that harsh on you, it’s time to leave the big puffer jackets in the past and to choose a more elegant, stylish alternative. Oversize coats are an absolute must have for this season for countless reasons, but the most important ones being how beautiful, warm, and sophisticated they are. These coats come in many fabrics, but if you are looking for something that won’t lose its original fit, would be pretty easy to take care of, and would keep you warm, the best options are regular wool, cashmere, and Merino, with a cotton inner padding.  

Woolen hat 

If you are the type of person who hates hats, trust me, I feel you. We can all agree that we look much prettier with scarves and even traditional shawls covering our head,, but you should really consider purchasing a woolen hat. First of all, they will keep you protected and will minimize your chances of catching a cold, and no one would want that, especially today. Secondly, even if you won’t wear it in the city, you never know when you’ll go to a resort or to a cabin in the woods with your friends. So a high quality knitted hat made of wool is definitely a necessity for this season.