5 tips for buying safe toys for children - Children's Health

There are a lot of reviews about toy companies in which parents complain that the toys that they sell are unsafe for kids, so in this guide, we will give you tips on what kinds of toys you should buy and how you can make sure that you buy safe toys for your kids to avoid any obnoxious incidents. 

Playing with toys is a source of entertainment for kids. It’s crucial to remember, though, that the safety of kids must be a priority for the parents. Hundreds of kids are harmed every year by playing with unsafe toys. Kids have a habit of chewing everything and putting toys in their mouths. As a result, they can choke themselves or get hurt, so it’s necessary for guardians to inspect their toys for children before buying them. There are a lot of reliable online stores from which parents can purchase safe toys for kids.

Always Check Age Description on Toy Pack

Before buying a toy, always make sure that you read the age guidelines mentioned on the toy pack, and if you are buying a toy online, make sure you read the description, or if the description is missing, you can always ask the sellers. You have to buy a toy that is according to the age of your child.

Avoid Tiny Size Toys

When you are buying a, you make sure it is not very small because if you buy a small-sized toy, there is always a choking hazard. The Size of the toy should be at least 3 centimeters in diameter and 6 centimeters in length so your kids won’t swallow the toy. Make sure that you keep a small part of the toys away from the children’s reach.

Don’t Buy Shooting Toys.

Avoid Buying Shooting Toys as they can be dangerous for your child as well as for other people around them. Shooting Toys can cause some serious injuries to the eyes and other sensitive body parts.

Prefer Stuffed Toys

Stuffed Toys are always a good option to buy for your kids as they don’t possess a major risk to children but always make sure that the toy doesn’t have strings or ribbons that could possibly suffocate a child, but usually, Stuffed Toys are Soft, and one great advantage is they can be washed easily. 

Check for Chemicals and Batteries

Before buying a toy, always check if the toy contains any kind of chemicals. If the toy description says that it contains BPA (bisphenol A), this means it can be very harmful to children, so it is better to avoid it. You also need to check for the batteries in toys. If it does, then make sure batteries are packed in casings and have tight screws so that children cannot pry them out. If the screws are loose, you should replace the item or tighten it because batteries can be responsible for chemical burns and excessive injuries.


You need to make sure that you follow these steps to avoid any mishaps when you are buying toys for your child. Your Child safety should be your first property, and Always buy from the retailers that you trust.