Regardless of the existence of a disease or the severity of this, many people resort to wigs to improve their appearance before hair loss. In Wigs Anuel we are experts in the sale of oncological wigs. And in our store you can buy natural hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs. The latter are precisely the protagonists of this article. Because although there are those who reject its use for believing that they will not offer good results, synthetic wigs have many advantages. Keep reading these lines to know them.

Why buy synthetic hair wigs

When you go through an illness and the treatment you have been subjected to has caused hair loss, you have several options to cover your head, such as hats, caps, scarves, turbans … However, the best option to take care of your aesthetics is the wig.

When choosing a woman wig singapore it is possible to choose between different models. But the most important thing when choosing is to differentiate between the type of hair, which may be natural or synthetic. And then, let’s explain the advantages of synthetic hair wigs.

One of the main reasons to buy a synthetic wig is its price. And is that these wigs are quite cheaper than those of natural hair. This makes them ideal for those looking for their first wig. As well as for those who are still unclear if they are going to wear a wig malaysia regularly or if they will combine their use with, for example, a turban.

On the other hand, its maintenance is considerably easier than the care of natural wigs. Since in this case, the hairs neither tangle nor curl.

And finally you have to take into consideration its appearance. Because there is a wider range of colors for these wigs and because the synthetic fibers that are used today for their manufacture result in a more natural appearance than those used a few years ago.

Why buy natural hair wigs

With regard to the disadvantages of synthetic wigs, it should be noted that the thickness of the hair is somewhat greater. In addition to this, these wigs can not be molded or dyed. And these are some of the reasons why many people prefer natural wigs, because it has more resemblance to their natural hair. In this way, their appearance will resemble more than they had before hair loss.

Both options are valid and have their advantages, so choosing between natural hair and synthetic hair is not easy. If you wish to request the advice of an expert in oncological wigs, you can contact us without obligation.

Fan Tip Extensions

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Our natural hair extensions Fan Tip Extensions, are produced with 100% human Remy hair of the highest quality. The exclusive manufacturing and our research has led us to have some of the best extensions of the market in the different systems we work with, being able to find them in exclusive salons in Spain, Europe and South America.