An oodie is just like chocolate, it can sweeten any occasion, that too without the added calories. There are multiple occasions where you have to think of a gift. A comfy blanket sweatshirt is one of the best gifts that you can give to anybody regardless of their age or their likings. What is better about the blanket hoodie is that it is a perfect gift for people with allergies and specific medical requirements as well.

You also don’t have to think about any particular season or limit yourself to the counted number of designs as the brands have provided various designs and patterns in these beautiful blanket sweatshirts. You can choose from a wide variety of cow print oodies, snuggie hoodie, Sherpa hoodie, koala oodies, avocado oodies, and that too in different linings and different fabrics. 

The best occasions to gift an oodie can be

1. Christmas

Scenes blanket sweatshirts are the most suitable product for the winter season, Christmas is the best occasion to gift an oodie. The best alternative could be a red-colored oversized hoodie blanket which can be worn as a Santa suit. This will serve multiple purposes at one time and make the kids extra happy. You can also wear the fairy oodie and dress up as the tooth fairy. 

2. Halloween

Halloween is probably the most confusing time of the year as everyone is busy about thinking what they should dress up as. Surprise is your favorite person with a big Hoodie blanket which they can style into any character. A white blanket with a hood can be worn as a ghost coverup and you will be warm while looking for tricks or treats on the streets. Girls can definitely use unicorn oodies or fairy oodies to dress up as colorful fairies and win all the treats in the neighborhood. 

3. Birthdays

Birthdays are the best occasions to gift something to your loved ones. Show your loved ones that you care about them by gifting them a comfy Hoodie blanket. This would definitely be a mark of your care and affection towards them as the oversized blanket Hoodie will keep them warm in the entire winter season.

4. Bachelorette 

One of the most unique and creative ideas to use a snuggie hoodie is during the bachelorette. You can wear the pink oodie with all your girls and get the bride tribe vibe while being your comfortable self. You can also wear the koala oodie and feel like the lazy groom squad at the party. The best part is that you can have something to gift all your bridesmaids and the groom tribe without paying the hefty amount. 

From parties to festive occasions, there are numerous ways in which hooded blankets can be worn. All it needs is some thinking and a big heart to get your favorite oodie blanket and you are ready to rock. Without multiple choices and variable prices, the world will be on your feet, all you need is just an oversized hoodie blanket.