Corporate Diwali Gifts – The Simplest Way of Branding Your Business

An integral part of Diwali is sending out gifts especially within the corporate world. Not only do the employers bestow their employees with appropriate gifts to show much they are valued as well as their contributions are cherished by the organization, but the corporate gifting culture also extends beyond company employees. There are numerous occasions where corporate gifts are to be given to important clients to strengthen the company and client relationship. Here are few ways to select the perfect Diwali gifts for corporate.

Gifting Business Partners

Selecting corporate gifts can really be nerve racking and you may face the confusion of what to select and what not to. The wrong gift can make a bad impression of your company and the branding would go down. Remember to take into account the kind of rapport that you have with your business partner and client. Check out details like what message do you want to send across with your gift, is the gift will establish your company’s beliefs and motto before you select the best gift.

Gifting Employees

Gifting your employees makes them feel more integral to the company and strengthen your relationship with them. This idea helps you to retain your top performers. To make the best selection, you can take help of surveys to know what kind of gifts your employees would prefer. This will also take care of your business branding. Gifts such as wall clocks, coffee mugs, scented candles, watches, desktop accessories etc. serve as the perfect Diwali gifts for employees.

Accommodating the corporate gifts in your company budget

It is a good idea to set aside a certain amount annually and allocate it to purchasing corporate gifts for several occasions. This way you will never have to hurry in your gift selection and be well prepared when the occasion demands. Sometimes, it is a good idea to gift your employee or clients unexpectedly. This way if the client decides to put it on public display or adorns your gift, then you will actually end up benefiting from brand promotion of your company.

Taking the cultural differences into account

Many a times, your client may be based out of a different location or a different geographical region altogether. Be well aware of the gifting traditions of the country or location your client hails from, or you might end up actually offending them which is something you are not looking for. Go for known brands to save yourself from embarrassment.

Choose useful gifts

The best gift you can give someone is something which the recipient can use. Gifts such as coffee mugs, bags,office accessories, wall clocks or watches which are sure to re- establish your brand’s connection with the client. Make sure the gifts aren’t the usual ones else the client will not be interested in the gift.

Final Say

Keep all these tips in mind when you buy corporate gifts for your employees or clients as they will carry your business brand. Selecting the perfect gift will help to strengthen the bond between your company/business and your client.