with Hayley Kruger

Do you ever come to feel like offering up on your jewelry small business? You are not by yourself! Running a innovative company is tough, and it truly is normal to go by complicated durations. In this episode, Hayley Kruger shares her story of navigating the ups and downs of working a jewelry organization. She also describes the methods that have served her get as a result of troubles and delivers information about the worth of investing in your enterprise, using time for your self, and accepting your distinctive journey. 

Episode Description:

  • In this episode, we’ll be talking with Hayley Kruger about the significance of not providing up as a jeweller (:50)

  • Can you tell us about occasions when you felt like giving up on your organization? (2:25)

  • How do you deal with disappointment when you’re in a hard put? (6:04)

  • What strategies have been most handy for navigating difficult situations? (10:16)

  • Why is it crucial to embrace your exclusive journey? (12:38)

  • How do you stability celebrating the wins and pushing your self to be improved? (17:10)

  • Can you converse about your programs in the Innovative Diploma? (19:43)

  • How have you continued to improve your making capabilities around the years? (21:24)

  • Do you wrestle to invest in on your own and your business? (25:22)

  • How has the way you offer with issues changed? (31:56)

  • What would you say to an individual who feels like they just cannot do it anymore? (36:15)

  • How to connect with Hayley (38:36)


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