When it comes to a man’s wardrobe, there are a few essential clothes you need to own. You will always have the occasional outfit that stands out from the rest. Nonetheless, there are a few garments that you can require for days where you don’t need to go all out. 

If you are unsure about essential clothing to wear then we have you covered. We will cover all the occasions where you would wear them and how you would wear them. 

Oxford Shirt

An oxford shirt is a staple piece for a men’s wardrobe. Furthermore, there will be some occasions when you need an oxford shirt such as a wedding reception, a posh restaurant and the smart-casual outfit you would wear to work. 

There are many places you can wear smart-casual clothing. That is why you need an oxford shirt. You can have the choice of wearing it with cropped pants or jeans. Choose a solid colour so that it is more versatile. A patterned shirt can limit where you can wear this shirt. That is why you should opt for a light blue or white oxford shirt as you can wear many other colours with this. 

White T-Shirt

One thing we would advise with a white t-shirt is you own multiple of them. The reason why is they can be worn on multiple occasions. We suggest you own a couple of plain white tees along with patterned white tees. You can also own branded versions of this tee if you wish. 

White t-shirts can be worn with pants, shorts, joggers, jeans and shorts. That is why it is so versatile. If there is any time that you are struggling to find an outfit, a white t-shirt can solve that. We advise that you wear a white t-shirt, simply because it can go with anything. Furthermore, there are so many white men’s designer t-shirts that you can wear for your night out as well. 

White Trainers

Another simple addition to a wardrobe is white trainers. The price can vary depending on if you buy a branded trainer or not. Again, this trainer can be worn casually although if styled well, it can look good with a smart-casual outfit as well. White trainers can be worn with a full tracksuit or an oversized men’s hoodie. There are so many options with white trainers which are why you need to own a pair. 


Hoodies are another go-to item with your wardrobe for the autumn and winter time. Furthermore, they are great for adding another layer to your outfit if the temperature is lower than usual. Hoodies are a must-have for your wardrobe so ensure you have plenty of them. 

We would also advise you to own multiple hoodies. Some are plain so they can match with any other garments and then others are in a streetwear style, with graphics or a bold logo.


There are many essential items that a man needs for their wardrobe. These essential items are needed and are suitable for nearly every occasion. The best bit about these items is that they can be worn with each other, that is how versatile they are.