The day we first opened our little eyes and saw our parents smiling faces looking at us, is one of the most special days in our life. Birthdays aren’t just about parties, but it is a day where we can show our loved ones how they mean to us and how much we love and cherish their presence in our lives. How do you do that? Gifts!

Now when it comes to choosing the right gift, many of us get confused and can’t make up our minds. A gift isn’t just a physical entity but rather it is a piece of us that we bestow upon our loved ones. Instead of getting a store bought mass produced gift why not go the personalization way and give those products a personal touch. These are called personalized birthday gifts and they have gained a whole lot of popularity.

Personalisation- the best way to make your loved ones feel special

Photos of the person and memories shared are great way to personalize any product. Besides this, thereare a plethora of ways you could get it uniquely personalized and make it a memory to cherish forever.
If the birthday person is a Bollywood or Hollywood or Tollywood buff then getting their movie star crush printed onto any product say a mug or a pen stand with a little message would be a great option.

For children their favourite cartoon characters or story characters would be something fun. You can even get it done as a little running story. It could be done to a wall hanging, a mug or a clock or a cereal bowl.Besides pictorially you could compose a poem or a quote and get that inscribed on a product of your choice.

Custom made jewellery, with the birthstone of your loved one or a pendant with their name or just their initials is another option.
Custom made jigsaw puzzles or cubes for all those mind boggler fans.  A picture of a memory could be turned into a jigsaw or cube! How cool would that be.
T-shirts can be made special with an added personal touch.  You could get a pair for you and your loved one or sibling or bestie to wear together.
Laptop skins and mobile covers would be a cool option to personalize with things they love, for the birthday person. For those who are cutlery lovers, initials of the receiver can be embossed.Personalised gift hampers that include all your special ones favourites which could range from cosmetics to bath essentials to accessories would bring a huge smile to their faces.

Photograph calendars is another great option that makes the list of personalized gifts.A loved one or one’s partner in crime can be given a chain locket or watch locket with your photographs inside. It would be a gift to cherish forever.

Key chains are another way to go.  You could get it personalised with the persons favourite sports person, car or anything that they love and you get get it done the way you want it. Cushions and bed covers can also be given a personal touch.  A collage of happy memories can be turned into a bed cover.

Calendar diaries can also be given a personal touch with photographs of their favourite places and vacation spots. Photo cubes and tiles are another great gift.  Pens and other stationary can be got engraved.  A cake and a bunch of flowers with a bottle of wine also come under this gift category and make for a romantic option as well. A basket or box of chocolate goodies that they love would be any chocoholics delight!

So, it is the time you put the thinking cap on. You might as well look up for the best personalized gifts online on portals like s