To breastfeed, all is needed is you, your breast, and the baby. But some other tools like a feeding pillow can make the process easy and convenient. Some lactating mother prefers a particular brand, others not so. What is opt for one baby does not work for another baby. You need to breastfeed the baby multiple times day and night, you need proper support, and else you become prone to wrist, hand injury and shoulder, back pain. You can use a regular pillow for breastfeeding if you are comfortable with it. Find a comfortable place such as; corner of a couch with pillows placed over there.

It gives you much relief.

Whether it is a U shaped nursing pillow with wraps or a pillow placed on the bed, it provides adequate support to your arm, then holding the baby. The pillow gives you much relief in the first six to eight months after the child’s birth. Use your arm to hold the baby during nursing, as it affects the milk transfer; once the baby starts suckling milk, lean back a little to give support to your back. The other hand is free to read, eat or drink unless you need it for breast compression. Hold the baby between head and neck just below the ear instead of putting pressure on his head.

Safest and healthiest

Breast milk is the safest and healthiest food for your baby. The milk is easily digested by the baby and provides all necessary nutrients. As the baby sucks, it develops the jaw and tooth structure and fortifies the mental and emotional bond with the mother. Breast milk also boosts the immunity system of the baby. Breastfeeding reduces the chance of obesity, pneumonia and other repertory infection, urinary tract, ear infection, cough and colds, and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Breastfeeding does help not only the child but also the mother. It reduces the chances of severe postpartum bleeding and returns to pre childbearing weight as five hundred calories are burnt per day. The nursing strengthens the emotional bond between the baby and mother, as oxytocin is released, which has a soothing and calming effect on the mother. Breast milk is always available and at the right temperature. 

A nursing pillow is also beneficial while you bottle feed the baby, as it provides support to your arm, wrist, and shoulder. Use a pillow with the correct height; if it is too low, you would be stopping down, hurting your back. You may get accustomed to a particular pillow that gives you maximum comfort.