Finding Timeless Beauty in Diamond Hoop Earrings

Finding Timeless Beauty in Diamond Hoop Earrings

The confidence quotient is what defines a woman’s style and poise, endowing her with the sophistication and distinct mark of class to step out for any occasion – a first date, an interview, a board meeting – just by wearing diamond hoop earring that looks perfect. Dangling diamond hoop earrings complements a woman’s skin in a most becoming way.

It travels across the contours of a woman’s face in a fuller way, shaping it with a luminous intensity that catches every other eye. That is exactly how you can transform our casual look into something sinfully glamorous with just a pair of diamond hoops earrings.

Diamond Hoops Earring: Types

A diamond hoops earring is a timeless classic that complements almost every outfit and occasion. Hoop earrings have been in vogue since the times when gold became easily accessible to the ancient Central and South American tribes. The hoops come in various sizes. The number and setting of diamonds on it varies too. Large hoop earrings are a classic style statement that stays perpetually in fashion. Some diamond hoop earrings may also feature a dangling adornment attached to it. Earrings with more than a single hoop are also gaining popularity. Different metals such as gold, silver and platinum are also used in diamond hoop earrings.

Take a sneak peak into the following most sought after designs:

* A diamond hoop earring may have single or multiple diamond embedded into it. Diamonds are often combined with other precious gemstones to create a stunning effect. White and yellow gold can be mixed to get that exotic look.

* A diamond hoop earring comes in various thicknesses and sizes. The thick hoops may feature more than one row of diamonds or gemstones in its setting. A thin hoop may feature a single diamond which is neatly fitted into it. A small thick hoop is studded with diamond and looks perfect with vintage wear.

* Amidst all types of diamond hoops earrings, hinged hoop earrings are very popular as these are neat and easy to wear.

* If comfort is more important, it is best to opt for diamond hoops earring with snap post closure or push back closure.

Diamond Hoops Earring and Celebrity Preference

Hollywood celebrities are known to define styles and when pop divas like Jennifer Lopez make a style statement by wearing diamond hoops earring, it becomes a rage. Other Hollywood beauties like Megan Fox and Christina Applegate have been known to wear diamond hoop earring. And who can overlook Elizabeth Taylor’s enviable jewelry collection which comprised several highly invaluable varieties of hoop earrings?

Though new styles emerge, the basic design of the hoop continues to be popular.

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