Ever blown dry your hair and located that it finishes up seeking like a mess?

Or probably you have tried out to straighten your hair and finished up with frizzy, flyaway locks?

If so, you know having a bad hair working day can be definitely annoying. But there are methods to avoid all those discouraging moments!

We’ll protect handling frizz, how to blow dry hair without frizz, and dos and don’ts you need to retain in brain.

how to blow dry hair without frizz

What Will cause Frizz + How to Offer With It

You have probably found the photographs floating all-around the world wide web of men and women with ideal hair. You may possibly not know that there are quite a few causes why your hair could glance frizzy?


Some men and women are simply born with frizzy hair, and there is not substantially they can do to alter it.

Excessive humidity

A humid atmosphere can make your hair frizzy. This is because excessive humidity brings about your hair shafts to swell and extend, which leads to frizziness.

Using a frizz protectant will maintain your hair searching fresh new in humid climate.

Overwashing hair

When you wash your hair much too usually, it strips away the organic oils that maintain your hair healthy and moisturized. The end result is dry, frizzy hair.

Oily hair could involve extra repeated washing, but even now no a lot more than a few moments a 7 days. And if you have dry or color-dealt with hair, you may well will need to wash it less generally or even use a dry shampoo amongst washes.

Problems from styling equipment

If you use sizzling styling applications like curling irons or straighteners on a regular basis, your hair is likely destroyed and far more inclined to frizzing.

Retain the warmth styling small, and be certain you use a warmth protectant spray or serum before working with warmth. Also, moisturizing hair masks will retain your hair hydrated.

Towel-drying hair

The friction produced by brushes with nylon bristles and about towel-drying your hair can bring about the cuticle to be ruffled, producing frizz.

In its place, switch to a microfiber towel. Allow for your hair to air dry, or wrap damp hair with a cotton tee.

Chemical treatment options

Excessive bleaching, lightening, and coloring hair with solid formulation and large ammonia break down purely natural oils and harm the hair area, earning it rougher and stripping away its shine and silkiness, ultimately making frizz.

Haircare products

Applying the mistaken shampoo or conditioner for your hair sort, specific hair care products, this kind of as gels and mousse, can add to frizzy hair.

Continue to be away from sulfates and foamy merchandise, as they’re lousy for you, and change to natural and organic kinds.

Hormonal improvements

Being pregnant, menopause, and other factors could lead to hormonal variations. These disorders can influence the hair progress cycle, texture, density, and the scalp’s skill to manage nutritious sebum production.

Possessing dominated out the lead to of your frizz and labored on recommendations to address it, you can go on to blow drying your hair.

how to blow dry hair without frizz

How to Blow Dry Hair Without the need of Frizz – Move by Step

Stage 1

Brush your hair with a extensive-toothed comb, preferably a picket one, with mild strokes. As your hair is most frizzy when wet, combing it out is an important phase to reduce frizz.

Move 2

Segment off your hair into three to four sections.

Phase 3

Regulate the blow dryer to a medium or cold location. You can also attach a diffuser to aid handle the blow dryer’s warmth.

Phase 4

Commence blow drying every single section of your hair.

Phase 5

Use a styling solution if you want to add far more texture or keep.

Move 6

Use a paddle brush to support distribute the merchandise through your hair.

Stage 7

Keep on to blow dry your hair for a few minutes.

Step 8

Optionally, established hair with a hair mist or a hairspray.

How to Blow Dry Hair With no Frizz: Dos and Don’ts

how to blow dry hair without frizz

Do use a heat protectant prior to working with a hairdryer

Warmth protectants are an crucial element of using a hairdryer. They assistance shield your hair from the high temperatures, retaining it healthier and responsive to styling.

Lots of warmth protectants also contain conditioning ingredients that help to maintain your hair wanting shiny and tender. Devoid of a heat protectant, your hair can turn out to be dry, brittle, and challenging to model.

So in advance of you access for your hairdryer, make positive you have utilized a warmth protectant to support hold your hair searching its ideal.

Really do not use a hairdryer on high heat options for long intervals of time

When it arrives to hair treatment, a single of the most crucial items you can do is to stay away from making use of higher warmth configurations.

Whilst it may perhaps be tempting to blast your hair with warm air to get it dry speedily, this can injury your hair and make it more susceptible to breakage.

The heat from the hairdryer can cause the proteins in your hair to crack down, leaving you with fragile hair that is much more vulnerable to split ends.

On top of that, if you use a substantial heat location day by day, you may possibly see that your hair starts to search boring and lifeless.

For healthful, shiny hair, adhere to reduce heat settings and give your hair a crack from the blow dryer each so often. Your hair will thank you for it!

Do use a cool air location to end drying your hair

When you are completed, give your hair a quick blast of cold air to established the design and style. It will help seal in humidity and avoid frizz. 

The heat from blow-drying can cause injury to your hair, so making use of a neat air setting aids minimize that destruction. In addition, awesome air can assist to give your hair a shiny, wholesome overall look.

So, upcoming time you blow-dry your hair, be confident to swap to the awesome air environment for the final number of minutes. 

Never use a hairdryer each and every day

Though hair dryers are a practical way to quickly dry your hair, they can really induce injury if used each day.

The warmth from the hairdryer can strip absent the purely natural oils that enable safeguard your hair, leaving it feeling dry and brittle. In addition, the continual exposure to warmth can destruction the hair follicles, primary to break up finishes and frizz.

As a normal rule, test to restrict your use of hairdryers and enable your hair to air-dry anytime achievable. By accomplishing so, you will support extend the life of your hair.

Do brush your hair just before applying a hairdryer

When it arrives to blow-drying your hair, it is essential to start off with a clean up slate. That suggests brushing your hair prior to you even believe about plugging in your hairdryer.

Brushing your hair will enable get rid of any tangles or knots, which can induce breakage when applying a hair dryer. In addition, it will help to evenly distribute the warmth from your hairdryer, ensuing in much healthier, shinier hair.

Don’t maintain the hairdryer much too shut to your scalp

When employing a hairdryer, you really should avoid holding it much too near to your scalp. The intense heat can lead to your hair’s cuticle, or outer layer, to carry.

This can guide to split finishes and make your hair more prone to breakage. In addition, keeping the hairdryer far too close to your scalp can also trigger irritation and even burns.

Do use a diffuser to dry your hair

You know how annoying it can be if you have at any time tried using to blow dry your hair devoid of a diffuser. Your hair can finish up seeking frizzy, dry, and destroyed.

A diffuser is a spherical, dome-formed attachment that fits on to the end of your blow dryer.

It assists distribute the warmth additional evenly, so your hair dries more quickly and with much less injury. The diffuser also aids to lower frizz and include volume and glow to your hair.

Far more Suggestions for Blow Drying Hair

  • Start off with the dampest sections and perform your way up to the driest. This will enable to avoid frizz.
  • Blow-dry sections, instead than the total head at after.
  • Continue to keep the blow dryer shifting around your head, and do not continue to be in a single location for far too very long.
  • When blow-drying your bangs, continue to keep them away from your face. That way, they will not get too curly or frizzy.
  • If you have curly or wavy hair, use a diffuser to enable reduce frizz and incorporate additional quantity.
  • Really do not ignore to model your hair immediately after you have blown it dry! A minor little bit of merchandise can go a very long way in helping you achieve the seem you want.

Regularly Requested Questions about Blow drying Hair

how to blow dry hair without frizz

Does blow drying your hair problems it?

Though blow drying your hair may well velocity up the method, it truly can destruction your hair.

Consistently using a hairdryer on dry hair can bring about brittle hair and break up ends. This can also trigger boring hair.

Even worse, blow-drying your hair everyday may really trigger it to dry speedier. Having said that, if you use a dryer at times and use a chilly air placing, you can prevent the problems.

Is it ok to blow dry soaked hair?

When you want to blow dry hair without having frizz, accomplishing it on damp hair can depart it incredibly brittle and prone to breakage.

Ideally, you can begin blow-drying when your hair is about 75% dry. Make certain you wring out all the moisture out of the hair. Normally, it can frizz up.

Can you blow-dry dry hair?

When you use a hairdryer on dry hair, the heat can cause the hair shaft to develop into brittle and inclined to breakage.

Nonetheless, if you use a warmth protectant or spray some water on hair although utilizing the lowest setting, it can aid to prevent some of the harm.

What to set in hair in advance of blow-drying?

Prior to blow-drying your hair, you can utilize a few goods to assist make the course of action simpler.

One particular is a styling product or service, like mousse or gel. A further is a heat protectant spray, which will support hold your hair from having far too dry or damaged from the blow dryer’s heat.

You can also use a detangler to make it a lot easier to brush by means of your hair following it’s dry.

What to put in hair soon after blow-drying?

A will have to-have merchandise for right after blow-drying is a styling product or serum to tame any flyaways, and it will also assistance maintain your hair hunting modern and polished. A very good serum can also incorporate some extra shine to your hair.

Also, it is a good thought to use hairspray as soon as you’re carried out styling your hair. This will support to lock in your glimpse and preserve almost everything in spot.

You can also attempt a post-drying hair wax or matte pomade to tame flyaways and reduce hair frizz.

How prolonged does it consider to blow dry hair?

For most men and women, it will take all around 10 minutes. On the other hand, it can change based on the person’s hair sort and how much item is employed. If you have thick, curly hair, it will likely consider for a longer time than if you have slim, straight hair.

How usually really should you blow dry your hair?

Some men and women come across that blow drying each and every day dries out their hair and can make it brittle, when other folks uncover that blow drying every single other working day leaves their hair emotion greasy.

The most effective way to figure out how usually to blow dry your hair is to experiment a tiny and see what will work for you.

The takeaway

Blow drying your hair is a wonderful way to tame frizzy hair, and by utilizing the ideal tactics, you can realize frizz-totally free locks in no time.

By making use of a interesting air environment, brushing your hair prior to blow-drying, and using a diffuser, you can lower the damage brought about by hair dryers and maintain your hair nutritious and shiny.

Adhere to these uncomplicated suggestions, and you can blow dry hair without frizz. So give it a shot and see how good your hair can glance!

And most importantly, don’t ignore to give your hair a split from time to time!

Do you have any other strategies for using a hairdryer? Let us know in the remarks under!