How to wear joggers to improve your style statement

Unless you have lived in a secluded island for the last few years, you must have noticed the fundamental change that has taken place in men’s fashion. The strict codes have disappeared, rules have been altered, and most importantly, it has become way more laid back and flexible in its style.

As a part of this whole crusade against stereotyping fashion, conscious dressers across the world have taken to a sportier look than ever before. Joggers are among the flag bearers of this change. They are now made in slim and tapered fits instead of the baggy ones, keeping in mind that they are not just gym wear anymore; they are worn by fashionable men as casual outdoor wear as well. If you are looking to stock up your wardrobe and buy joggers, here are some of the cool ways you can do it.   

  1. Pair it up with jazzy trainers

If you keep the joggers slim fit and tapering towards the ankle, that gives you the rare opportunity of flaunting your sneakers and trainers which other trousers or denim do not. A good pair of trainers, preferably with some colourful neon streaks across it, is the perfect mix and match for a pair of black or grey joggers.

  1. Monochrome magic

Most fashion magazines will tell you to wear your tops and bottoms in contrast, especially if it is a look as risky as pulling off a pair of joggers. But monochrome works wonders in some cases, and this one might just be it. You can play around with the shade though, keeping the joggers dark and the t-shirt a lighter shade of the same. Crew neck t-shirts work the best with joggers.

  1. Good old hoodies

If there’s one piece of clothing that goes by default with joggers is a sweatshirt, quite obviously. But if you are wearing the joggers for an outing, keep the sweatshirt interesting. Choose from colourful hoodies – the all-time favourite top wear irrespective of gender. A bit of slogan or catchy quote across the chest or back is more than welcome.

  1. Edge around the boundary of formal wear

We know button up shirts as formal workplace wear – be it solid coloured or be it printed; they are the last piece of apparel one would associate with joggers. Yet it has become quite a fashion statement for men to wear shirts with joggers; though casual plaid or Oxford is always a better option than wide-spread collars. Tuck them in and roll up the sleeves in a quarter, and you are good to go.

  1. Accessorise wisely

No matter with what you pair up your joggers, always remember to put on a sporty watch to complete the look. The definition, as well as appearance of sports watches, has also changed – now they have everything starting from temperature to even Bluetooth, depending on the model. It is not just an accessory anymore, it is a style statement.

So are shades. The right one will bring out the smartest look in you, while the lousy one will ruin all the effort. Wayfarers and aviator sunglasses will work the best with the cool and casual sportswear look.


  1. Add layers with denim jackets

A good, true blue denim jacket will just make the whole look click immediately. The best casual wear statement to storm the market – denim jackets are and will always be a phenomenon. What’s better than taking a bit of help from it to make your joggers look work?

Buy the joggers best suited for your style of dressing as soon as possible to experiment the new trend.