The latest trends in dresses get women excited the world over.

With more opportunities for women to wear their dresses at night and out on the town again, we’re excited to show you the latest styles and designs that every woman will love to wear this season.

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Latest trends in Party Dresses

Open Backs

The classic style of open back dress has returned as the hottest trend in women’s party dresses right now. The open back dress can be worn in many different forms to suit just about every body shape. Exposing your back is simply the sexiest trend – for formal or casual numbers.

Sides Out

Another cutout dress trend for right now is the sides out style. The sides out of the torso area work fantastically for formal and casual wear style dresses. Side out dresses were all the rage on the fashion ramps last year, and this year it is making heads turn on our streets and at parties the world over. Of course, there are many different forms of the sides out dresses: from the more conservative to the bold cuts, and different sides out shapes. There’s a style to suit your taste.

High Shine

The shinier the dress, the more attention it attracts. If you want eyes on you at the party, make sure your dress features the most sequins. Think of that 80s disco ball and you’ll get the picture of this trend. It doesn’t matter the form, style or length of the dress, it must just shine and sparkle.

Short Showstoppers

Just as the name suggests, these are mini-dresses designed for showing off your legs and drawing glances from admirers. Bold and solid colors work the best for short showstopper dresses for this season.

Embroidery Dresses

Floral embroidery brings an extra dose of feminine flair to these dresses. With soft fabrics, flutters and flounces, the cuts and styles are nearly endless. Large floral embroidered patterns with soft colors have caught the most attention at parties, while smaller and more understated patterns are seen in restaurants and dinner parties.

Flutter Sleeves

Long-sleeved dresses with flutter styles have returned this season. While these are great for colder climates, the flutters are smaller in size for countries in warmer climates right now. The flutters can start at shoulder height, on the elbows or around the wrists for the most feminine of styles.

Little Black Party Dresses

Always in fashion, the little black party dress should have a place in your wardrobe year-round. Paired with stroking heels and earrings, you can’t go wrong with the LBD at parties.

Off the Shoulder Dresses

This dress exposes the shoulders of the wearer while maintaining a sleeve or a ruffle. Similar to Flutter sleeve dresses, off the shoulder dresses are a classic of the night scene for the fashion-forward ladies amongst us.

The Bodycon Dress

The bodycon dress is a tight-fitting number that hugs the figure and accentuates assets. The stretchy material really does wonder to show off your figure – and it remains one of the most desirable dresses year-round.