Top 09 Handpicked & Best Toys For 5 Year Old | Buying Guide & Product  Reviews

Toys form a large part of the entertainment options for kids. Choosing the best toy seems pretty easy, but there are factors you should consider. 

Children love toys. From light-up monstrosities that drive parents crazy to cute soft toys cuddled at bedtime, toys are a favorite at any age. Toys can also be educational and are vital in the development of cognitive and developmental skills that children learn through play. If you are looking for the best shopping websites for toys, review sites are the perfect tool to help you find the most highly rated online stores for toys for kids. Click on the links to read more about reviews and how they have an enormous influence on a consumer’s decision-making process.

Our top 4 tips for choosing the best toys:

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a toy for your child. 

#1: Choose simple toys

A toy that has very few features such as sounds and lights is a good option, as it allows the child to guide the play and use their imagination. While features might capture the child’s attention, they can quickly lead to boredom. Creative and independent play is a very important skill for a child to learn, and this comes with guiding the activity and toy.

#2: Limit electronics and screen time

We are all guilty of using the television or computer to keep our kids busy for a few minutes while we try to complete a task. Too much screen time can cause children to gain weight as they are not active, and could cause language and developmental delays. 

#3: Note toys that claim to be educational

Not all toys that claim to be educational are. They design an educational toy with developing skills in mind that is simple. Blocks, cars, and balls are fantastic examples of educational toys as they encourage independent play where the child guides the activity. 

#4: Choose toys that are age-appropriate

Toys have an age guide on the packaging to show that the item is designed for a particular age group. It contains just the right functions and features for cognitive skill development while not overwhelming a child with too many options. 

The benefits of shopping online for toys:

Online shopping is one of the most popular ways to shop for everything from clothing to toys. Here are the most popular reasons that customers choose online shops for a toy-buying spree.

  • Products are cheaper than they are in store as an online store has no overhead costs such as store property rental, cost of employing people, and plenty of places for your you-buying needs.
  • Convenience is one of the most important benefits of online shopping. Scroll through online stores for all your favorite products and toys for your child while relaxing on the sofa once the kids are asleep or even on the train on your morning commute to work.
  • Avoid crowds and enjoy the peace that online shopping provides you. Online stores have more stock than physical stores. Choose from local or international stores for the best educational toys for your child. Toys on online stores are categorized by age, gender, soft, hard, and brand, making it easier to select the right toy.
  • Online stores have a gifting option and will deliver the product to the address you provide. Choose the best shipping method to get the gift to your friend or family member on time for their special day. 


Online shopping is one of the most convenient ways of purchasing your favorite products. Read reviews to find the best online stores for your toy needs and ensure you choose the best toy using our tips above.