The Irish flat cap is undoubtedly a classic. The style has been around for centuries and it had peaks of popularity and periods when this popularity faded. Fashion trends come and go, but some disappear just to come back over and over again. The flat cap is definitely one of those. In the last decades, it came back strong thanks to the numerous celebrities who were spotted wearing it. In the past, it was headwear for the working man, nowadays it is also a fashion choice and a fashion statement. 

Different types of flat caps

Before getting into how and when to wear flat caps, you should know that there are different types. One of the most recognizable is the newsboy hat. This hat became popular in the early 20th century and was associated with newspaper boys. A newsboy hat can be recognized by the 8 panels sewn together on top. The Gatsby hat is similar to the newsboy hat, but it has a much larger and wider brim. It usually also features a button on the top. There is also the driver cap with a full crown and stiff hatband. The most popular style of all is the Irish flat cap. There are different types, such as the herringbone flat cap or the patchwork pattern flat cap, each one of them with its own special “flavor”. If you like the Irish flat cap style, you can find great Irish flat caps ideas at Exclusively Irish or other online stores that sell traditional and modern Irish flat caps.

A flat cap for a stylish look

Some may not consider flat caps very fashionable headwear items. That couldn’t be further from the truth. If you wear the flat cap right, your style will be impeccable. For a fancy look, wear it with a tie or a bow tie and a neat costume. You can swap the jacket for a vest. Don’t forget about the shoes, a good pair of shoes will greatly enhance the outfit. Caps made of wool are perfect for the cold season. If you want to sport this headwear item in the fall or in winter, think about how you are going to layer your outfit. Make sure the cap matches one of the items in the outfit, be it the coat, or the shoes. Top it off with a warm scarf with a neat pattern and your classy ensemble is ready! If you want to wear a patterned flat cap, for example one with different patchworks, make sure that it complements the other patterns in your outfit. If there is harmony in the ensemble, you’ll get a funky, yet classy look. 

Know the season

The good thing about flat caps is that you can wear them in any season. Tweed is the perfect material for the colder season thanks to the fact that It is warm and breathable. As for the warmer days, go for a linen or a cotton cap. Make sure that it’s breathable and moisture-wicking, so that you’ll also feel comfortable while looking stylish.