Shutters are the perfect window covering for the kitchen. They withstand steam, heat, and grease. They’re also relatively easy to clean and offer privacy and security. While shutters suggest a simple charm, they can be used to make a statement or enhance kitchen décor while being practical. Color and the materials used to make the shutters can set the tone for your kitchen.

Shutter with a Pop of Color

Window shutters painted in a bright hue can add an intense pop of color. The light that floods the room from a window is the perfect place to draw the eye, becoming an instant focal point. They can be an understated yet dramatic focal point. Use the same color throughout the kitchen as an accent to tie the room together.

Bright shades of yellow, green, and blue against whites or a neutral kitchen background will be hard to miss. Even when the shutters closed, the eye will be drawn to the shutters with their distinct line and design.

Clean and Classic White

You can’t go wrong with white. A white kitchen can be both sleek and modern as well as comfortingly traditional, depending on how it is decorated. White accents any room decor and makes the space feel open and airy. While keeping white shutters clean is not always easy, their simple look is hard to beat. A periodic dusting and occasional wipe down to remove stains will keep them looking their best.

If you don’t want to shut out too much light, café-styleshutters only cover the bottom half of the window. This provides an opportunity for privacy while still letting in as much natural light as possible. The added bonus, if your shutters are white, light bounces off of them adding to the illumination of the kitchen. If you’re looking for a fresh new look, you’ll find it here.

Wood: Rustic, Warm, and Traditional

The warmth of wood can make an expansive kitchen feel cozy and welcoming. Many modern homes have an open floor plan with expansive great rooms. All that space can feel overwhelming and leave the eye to wander. Natural wood shutters bring the eye back down to earth, literally. This modern trend makes a bold statement and works well in modernized, craftsman style homes as well as rustic designs.

Solid wood shutters are a stark contrast to the Southern-style slatted shutters. A dramatic look can be created with these solid pieces that give a masculine feel. They enhance structural pieces like molding and wood work.

Enhance the Natural Structure of Your Home

When deciding on shutters, think about the natural layout and structure of your home. Bay windows are beautiful, but they provide little privacy. Full-sized shutters can allow control over light while giving the security you need.

Easy to use and clean, shutters make a good practical addition to any home. But they can be so much more if you’re willing to think outside the box. Color, material, size can all be tailored to fit your personality on the core. The kitchen is the most popular room in the house so dress it up right.