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The backpack is a common term used for the bags that are carried over the shoulders. They are made of cloth and other innovative materials to increase their functionality. There are many types of backpacks available in the market. Some of the most common concepts in backpacks seen around us are daypack, waist bag or bum bag, drawstrings, and rucksack. Even though every backpack now carries a different sleeve for laptops, some backpacks are exclusively made for laptops also called laptop backpacks.

To answer the question of which backpack is right for you would depend on your requirement, it can be a question of space and size, it can be a question of compartments or pockets, it can be a question of material, it can be a question of functionality, etc. Some people want heavy features from their backpacks. Lately, backpacks are incorporating many innovations in order to keep themselves up to date with the present times, such as the fact that many backpacks now come with a charging port. 

Rains Backpack

The backpacks offered by Rains on their website are one of a kind. They have backpacks for all occasions and the most important feature of these backpacks is that they are fully waterproof. The backpacks offered on their website come with PU waterproof rating. The minimalist design of the backpacks in solid colors makes them one of the most fashionable and stylish backpacks available in the market.

When it comes to finding the perfect backpack, things can get very confusing. One way of getting out of the confusion is by finding a backpack according to the purpose and requirement of one in your life. The following is a list of backpacks in correlation with their use.

For Regular Use

Backpack & Backpack Mini

The classic backpack is offered by Rains. It has a laptop pocket, a dedicated space for other items such as books and notebooks, and also a hidden compartment for your smartphone. They follow the design of a rucksack, i.e, buckled closing and opening of the bag.    

Field Bag & Base Bag

Field Bag and Base Bag, both are daypacks. Daypacks are designed for regular use in the sense that they are lightweight travel bags over your shoulder. One can find enough space for storing their essential stuff. Good for field trips and college.

MSN Cargo & Bag

Another backpack for regular use is the MSN Bag, they are inspired from the school backpack design and come with two buckle straps. Good for all your essentials relating to the school.

For Travel Use 


Rucksacks are famous for their use of buckles and drawstrings instead of a zipper. And because of that, they can fit and adjust more stuff as space inside can be expanded and made loose. Good for travel.

Mountaineer Bag

If you want a bigger bag with lots of space and pockets, then go with the Mountaineer Bag.

All these above-mentioned backpacks come with PU waterproof rating and are ideal options for people living or visiting rainy cities or cities with damp atmospheres.