Why It’s Smart to Invest in a Screen Door

We often find ourselves looking to let some fresh air into our homes, but sometimes an open window isn’t enough. There are those times when we have gatherings in our backyard and can’t leave the back door open as bugs, leaves, and dirt can be blown into our homes. A simple solution to these issues can be resolved by using a mesh screen door with magnets to create a barrier from nature getting into your house completely. There are many different types of screen doors that may be compatible with your home, so let’s walk through why it’s smart to invest in a screen door and figure out which style may be right for you.

Keep The Elements Out

Enjoying a nice breeze from outside shouldn’t mean you have to sacrifice the interior of your home to the elements. Rain, leaves, mud, and whatever else the wind can kick up tends to get in your home when you leave a window or door open, but if you have a mesh screen door with magnets, you can easily convert your front or back door into a screened barrier. A screen can prevent all of these elements that make a mess from getting in by catching it on the mesh material, even rain can be blocked substantially as it just drips down to the bottom. 

Bugs Stay Outside

A summer night’s warm air is often rife with mosquitos, gnats, and other bugs that want to bring the party inside your home. Once bugs get in your home it’s hard to get them out and more annoyingly they can bite you, your family, and your guests; it’s time to keep them out permanently. If you’re looking for a way to keep insects and other pests outside where they belong, install a screen door with a mesh that’s small enough to keep unwanted critters out and fresh air in.

Less Dust and Allergens

Believe it or not, a properly installed screen door can help keep dust and allergens from entering your living space. The mesh that covers screen doors comes in many different sizes and varieties, even some that help keep pollen at bay. We all know that the seasons bring on different allergies and when pollen is at its peak it can literally cover everything in a yellow dusting, even parts of our homes that are close to windows and doors. Look for a filter micron size that is small enough to catch pollen and dust and allergy-specific screens to help you breathe better indoors.

Types of Screen Doors

Just like the doors in your home, screen doors come in a variety of styles, colors, materials, and types. Let’s look at a quick overview of the four most common types of screen doors available on the market.

  • Sliding Screen Door

A sliding screen door is what you normally find installed on double sliding glass doors that give access to a backyard or patio. Installing a new sliding screen door can be done by a professional or anyone handy enough to measure, cut, and safely install it themself.

  • Retractable Magnetic Screen Door

A mesh screen door with magnets is the perfect solution for someone looking to convert an existing, normal door, into a screen door without having to permanently make changes to their home. Retractable magnetic screen doors can be installed with thumbtacks, double-sided velcro tape, or other easily removable anchors, it is then hung on these mounts and the magnets do the rest. Each magnet keeps the mesh screen closed giving you all of the benefits of a screen door but allowing you to easily pass through hands-free. 

  • Swinging Screen Door

The classic swinging screen door is as it suggests, it’s a normal door with a full or partially screened section. They come in different sizes and materials like your own doors and can have controls to slide the mesh-covered area up or down for fresh air access.

  • Security Screen Door

Security screen doors are the heavy-duty variety of swinging screen doors, usually made of a metal frame, these doors have a mesh grill installed behind their solid parts to give an extra layer of safety for homeowners. They are the best at resisting burglars and the harshest of elements like hurricane storms.

Final Thoughts

A screen door is one of the best investments any homeowner can make. If you’re looking to enjoy the outdoors with friends but don’t want bugs, dust, leaves, and other things in your home, a screen door can be the perfect solution. Whether you’re looking for a permanent security screen door or the hands-free ease of a retractable magnetic screen door, consider installing one that fits your needs.

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